Table of Apostolic Succession by Principal Consecrator for the Most Reverend ARCHBISHOP JAMES BOSTWICK

1. ANTONIO CARDINAL BARBERINI, as Archbishop of Rheims 1657. He consecrated in theChurch of theSorbonne, Paris, the son of the Grand Chancellor of France,
2. CHARLEAS MAURICE LATELLIER, succeeding as Archbishop of Rheims, November 12, 1668. He, in turn, consecrated in thechurch of theCordeliers, Pontois, and theillustrious
3. JAMES BENIGNE BOSSUET (The Eagle of Meaux) as Bishop of Condom, September 21, 1670. He wastransferred to thesee of Meaux by Pope Clement X, 1671. He, in turn, consecrated in thechurch of Chartreuse, Paris,
4. JAMES GOYDON DE MATIGNON, Bishop of Condom, 1693, son of Count De Thoringy. He wasDoyen of Lisieux and AbbeCommendataire De St. Victor, Paris. Byorder of Pope Clement XI, he consecrated at Paris,
5. DOMINIC M. VARLET, as Bishop of Ascalon in partibus, and coadjutor to theBishop of Babylon, Persia, February 12, 1719. Retiringlater to Holland, he diedtwentythreeyearsafter in theCisterianAbbey of Rhijnwick. In response to the appeals of theChapter of the Old CatholicChurch of Utrecht, he consecrated,
6. PETER JOHN MEINDAERTS, as Archbishop of Utrecht, October 17, 1739. He hadbeenone of severalpriestsordained in IrelandbyLukeFagan, Bishop of Meath, afterwardsArchbishop of Dublin, withtheview of sustainingtheindependence of theancientChurch of theNetherlands, foundedby St. Willibrord in the VII Century. Byhisconsecration to theEpiscopate, thesuccession of the Old CatholicChurch in Holland has beenperpetuated. ArchbishopMeindaertsconsecrated,
7. JOHN VAN STIPHOUT, as Bishop of Haarlem, July 11, 1745. He, in turn, consecrated,
8. WALTER MICHAEL VAN NIEUWENHUIZEN, as Archbishop of Utrecht, February 7, 1768. He consecrated,
9. ADRIAN BROEKMAN, as Bishop of Haarlem, June 21, 1778. He consecrated,
10. JOHN JAMES VAN RHIJIN, as Archbishop of Utrecht, November 7, 1805. He consecrated,
11. GILBERT DE JONG, as Bishop of Deventer, November 2, 1805. He consecrated,
12. WILLIBROD VAN OS, as Archbishop of Utrecht, April 24, 1814. He consecrated,
13. JOHN BON, as Bishop of Haarlem April 22, 1819. He consecrated,
14. JOHN VAN SANTEN, as Archbishop of Utrecht, June 14, 1825. He consecrated,
15. HERMAN HEYKAMP, as Bishop of Deventer, July 17, 1854. He consecrated,
16. GASPARD JOHN RINKEL, as Bishop of Haarlem, August 11, 1873. He consecrated,
17. GERARD GUL, as Archbishop of Utrecht, May 11, 1892. He consecrated,
18. ARNOLD HARRIS MATHEW, as Regionary Old CatholicBishopfor Great Britain, April 28, 1908, at St. Gertrude'sChurch, Utrecht. He waselectedArchbishop in 1911. He hadbeenordained to thePriesthoodbyArchbishopEyre, at St. Andrew'sRomanCatholicCathedral, Glasgow, June 24, 1877. He camefromdistinguishedIrishparents. He wasthegreat-grandson of Francis Mathew, FirstEarl of Landaff, of ThomastownCastle, Tipperary. He consecrated,
19. THE PRINCE BISHOPÊDE LANDAS BERGHES in 1912, who in turnconsecrated,
20. HENRY CARMEL CARFORA in 1916,* (whowasalsoconsecratedby Rene Vilatte in 1915, however, no historical records can be found.) CarforawaselectedArchbishop of theUnitedStatesforall Old Catholics. TheMostRev'd Henry Carmel CarforaordainedtheRev'd
21. FRANCIS XAVIER RESCH to theholypriesthoodonAugust 15, 1933, and consecratedhim to theepiscopacyonDecember 8, 1940. He waslaterelectedArchbishop. He consecrated,
22. WALTER XAVIER BROWN to theepiscopacyonAugust 25, 1963, in St. Francis Church, Kankakee, Illinois, whowaslaterelectedArchbishop. He consecrated,
23. JAMES EDWARD BOSTWICK as AuxiliaryBishopwithright of successiononSeptember 19, 1992, in St. Nicholas Cathedral,Watertown, Wisconsin. He assumedtheleadership of the Old CatholicChurch of AmericauponAbp. Brown'sretirementeffectiveNovember 1, 1997, and wasinstalled as ArchbishopMetropolitan at theCathedralChurch of theHolyAngels in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, onDecember 20, 1997. He consecrated,
24. GONZALO JARAMILLO HOYOS Primate of Colombia and South America; FELIX ERNESTO BELTRÁN RAMOS as Bishop of theDiocese of Bogotá D.C., Colombia, February 10th 2001. He consecrated,
26. LUIS ALFONZO PARRA DAVILA Primate Diocese of Venezuela and South AmericaonMay 22th, 2008 and
27. RODRIGO MONTOYA BEDOYA consecrated as BishopDiocese of Medellín, Colombia on July 4th, 2009 and
28. JIMY BULA GIANMARÍA, consecrated as BishopVicarDiocese of Colombia, onOctober 2th, 2010 and
Dado en Bogotá, D.C. a los doce (02) días del mes de Octubre del año del Señor dos mil diez (2010). (Hay un sello seco)

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